Although receiving the Serious About Safety Award is not a case of getting the majority of votes, there are more straightforward ways of standing out.

It’s true. People can recommend you. However, this does not mean the individual with the most recommendations or mentions will win the award. If you would like to have your name engraved on the glass, here are six tips which may help you become a strong contender…

  1. Be considerate of employee, volunteer and public safety.
  2. Impress us with your knowledge of Health & Safety requirements.
  3. Be so amazing that your co-workers speak highly of you during their course.
  4. If you are on a course with Mid County Safety, then show passion for the subject.
  5. Being responsible for the safety of others is always a key element; are you a Health & Safety Manager? Do you work within a school?
  6. If you are a scout leader, a youth football coach, a dance instructor etc. be sure to mention it!

Of course, there are many other ways to win us over. But we shall leave the rest to your imagination.

Best of luck!