How are winners of the award chosen?

Winners of the Serious About Safety Award are not chosen at random. Individuals cannot vote for another individual either. Recipients are simply ‘noticed’ by Mid County Safety staff members, through their dedication to keeping their fellow colleagues and members of the public safe.

Is the award open to Mid County Safety customers only?

No, the Serious About Safety Award is open to any individual who stands out within the community. However, Mid County Safety customers are automatically eligible for the award.

How often is the award given out?

With 2021 being our first year, we are looking at twice per year, so on average one award every six months. Were in no rush, so to keep this award from going to just about anybody, we will present the award only when we feel it is applicable.

Do small businesses stand a chance?

Yes, absolutely. It’s all about showing dedication to the safety of others. A much more established business does not necessarily have a better chance as opposed to a sole trader who is looking out for members of the public within their working environment.

Does it depend on how many courses have been booked?

No, it doesn’t matter if one course has been booked or twelve courses have been booked.

How can I get this award?

We’re glad you asked! Head over to the ‘Top Tips’ page to enhance your chances of winning the Serious About Safety Award. Alternatively, look at previous winners and see why they stood out!