The Award…

The Serious About Safety Award was designed to give credit to those who keep us safe in the workplace. Developed by a leading Health & Safety training company, this award is only awarded to those who go above and beyond with the aim to keep individuals safe.

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The Serious About Safety Award works a little different to conventional awards. For starters, there are no votes! The award is presented to those who’s passion for Health & Safety really stands out. Although it is Mid County Safety who determine who’s name gets engraved on the glass, the winner does not necessarily need to be a new or existing client of Mid County Safety.

How can I get it?

Being responsible for Health & Safety in the workplace is an extremely demanding role. With the continuous revisions in legislation and training updates to juggle with, there is also the added responsibility of ensuring each employee or volunteer puts their training into practice.

Lets be honest, Health & Safety courses are often thought of as a ‘tick box’ exercise, and the courses themselves are considered boring by the student – often a preconceived notion before the course has even started.

However, there is the rare occasion where we have continuous questions from the individual who books the course – ensuring they are booking the correct course, that their First Aid kits (for example) meet BS8599-1 British standards and that they have everything covered in case of emergency.

It is these individuals who are considered for the award. But that is just being considered, we would be churning this award out weekly if asking questions is all it took. Take a look at our ‘Top Tips’ page for more info!